Army trucks carry dead bodies non-stop: Italy student recounts nightmarish scenes [VIDEO]

Through the viral video, the Indian student is trying to convince people about the seriousness of the situation in Italy.

Indian student in Italy recounts nightmarish scenes from Italy.
Coronavirus scare: Indian student in Italy recounts nightmarish scenes from Italy. Vineetha T/Facebook

The world is witnessing a rapid increase in the number of confirmed Coronavirus cases and the death toll. According to the latest updates, the virus has claimed the lives of 16,558 people, while there are almost 262,774 active cases globally.

Recently, an Indian nurse working in Italy had shared an audio message in which she mentions that many of the medics are now forced to remove the ventilator support of aged patients in an attempt to save younger people, who have better chances of survival. Similarly, many other Indians residing in Italy are also sharing their own experiences in the country, trying to convince people in India about the seriousness of the horrifying situations faced by these developed countries.

Indian student's plea

The video of Vineetha T, an Indian native studying in Italy, surfaced online on 24 March on Facebook. In the recent video, the microbiology student, who records the video during the wee hours on Tuesday, says that she woke up hearing the continuous noise of ambulance sirens.

Here's the translated version of the video message:

Within 8 hours, the 7-minute-30-seconds video was viewed by nearly 4 lakh users on social media. Many celebrities have also shared the clip requesting the people in the country to listen to the instructions of the government by staying safe at home and maintaining personal hygiene.

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