Arizona Police Officer Fatally Shoots Suicidal Man Holding Vape in Graphic Bodycam Footage [VIDEO]

The Maricopa Police Department released bodycam footage on Tuesday of the fatal police shooting that killed 56-year-old Lawrence Knudsen last month.

On March 27, officers were dispatched to a neighborhood in Maricopa around 7:50 a.m. after Knudsen called 911 and said he wished to harm himself, according to police.

'I'm About to Put a Bullet in My Head'

Lawrence Knudsen shooting
Stills from the bodycam footage released by Maricopa Police Department of the fatal shooting of Lawrence Knudsen last month. YouTube

The department also released audio of the 911 call where Knudsen told the operator, "I'm about to put a bullet in my head," before hanging up. The department also released audio of the 911 call where Knudsen tells the operator that no one was listening to him.

"I'm about to put a bullet in my head," Knudsen tells the operator before hanging up. Police say the operator called and spoke with Knudsen multiple times, calling him back whenever he hung up.

"I'm not looking to hurt any cops," Knudsen can be heard saying in the recording. Knudsen later informs the dispatcher that he is at home and armed with a handgun. The operator asks Knudsen if he can move away from the gun, he says no. When asked why, he says "Because I've had enough."

When the operator asks Knudsen to stay on the line, he replies, using an expletive, "Nah. Just bring 'em." Knudsen warns that he will be confrontational with the officers if they try to harm him.

The operator tells Knudsen the officers are there to help him. He then tells the operator to have officers meet him by his pick-up truck — which he previously said was where his gun was located — and tells the operator he would keep his hands in front of him.

Officer Who Shot Knudsen Didn't Have Her Bodycamera Activated

Three officers in three patrol cars approach the area as Knudsen is seen walking towards the officers with his arms stretched wide open.The officers shout multiple orders for Knudsen to back away, which Knudsen appears to ignore.

"Come on, let's do this." Knudsen can be heard saying. "I'm doing this."

An officer the department identified as "Officer Nye" deploys a stun gun on Knudsen while another officer named "Officer Nylander" shoots him multiple times. Police said Nylander did not have her body camera activated during the shooting but did not specify why.

Body-camera footage from Nye and another "Officer McCorry" shows Knudsen collapsing almost immediately after being shot and stunned. Officers later found Knudsen was holding a vape pen in his right hand and a cell phone in his left. Watch the bodycam video below:

WARNING: The video is graphic in nature. Viewer discretion is advised.

Officers performed life-saving measures on Knudsen before he was taken to a hospital where he was later pronounced dead. The Pinal County Sheriff's Office is leading the criminal investigation into the shooting while the Maricopa Police Department is conducting a separate, administrative investigation to determine whether officers followed policy.