Argentinian Teenager Caught on Video Sexually Abusing Neighbor's Dog Through Pet Door

A shocking video has sparked outrage across Argentina after a teenager was caught on camera sexually abusing a neighbor's pet dog.

The disturbing incident, which took place on Aug. 7, Sunday, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Flores, showed the teenager riding a bicycle before stopping at the door of the house, before calling the dog, a Pitbull, and sexually abusing the pet through the pet door.

Video Shows the Teenager Making the Dog Lick His Genitals

Teenager caught abusing pet dog
Stills from the video shared by the pet owner on Facebook. Reddit

The security camera footage was released by the family as a warning to other dog owners in the neighborhood.

"I'm going to show what the cameras in my house captured. Today at 3:00 p.m. my dog ​​was lying behind the gate of the house when a degenerate arrived on his bicycle and lay down on the door, immediately afterwards, he took out his member so that my dog ​​licked it and he spent several minutes trying," the pet owner wrote in a post on Facebook along with video footage of the incident.

"From the naturalness with which he acts, it is evident that it is not the first time he has done it. I warn you to be careful, this degenerate can do this to any creature. What is happening is very serious, pay attention," the owner added.

The shocking footage, shows the young man arriving on a bicycle, with his helmet on, before leaving his cycle on the sidewalk. He then approaches the door of the house and calls the dog, which the owners, say local residents often play with.

The video shows the dog poking its nose through the opening and greeting the teenager. The young man then puts his hands down his pants, crouches down and appears to make the dog lick his genitals through the pet door. He is also seen masturbating towards the opening in the moments that follow before standing up, getting on his bike and fleeing the scene.

The post has since been taken down but video footage of the shocking incident is circulating on Reddit. (WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised. The video clip is graphic in nature)

Family Spotted the Teenager Masturbating in Front of the Dog

According to local news outlet TN, the pet owners said that the incident occurred on Sunday afternoon when the whole family was in the house. "My dog ​​is always at the door and the whole neighborhood knows him because he is a Pitbull and there are not many of them," explained the owner.

According to the testimony of the family, the animal is domesticated, so most of the neighbors play with him when they pass in front of the house. For this reason, they did not realize at first what was happening.

However, the owner said a family member spotted the teenager who was masturbating in front of the dog after she heard the dog hit the door with its tail. "She saw his face and he is a little boy, he is not more than 15 years old," explained the owner.

The family has not filed a complaint with the Flores police station, but have released the video footage to to alert the rest of the neighbors, the outlet noted.