Argentinian Fan Choked to Death by Flag Around His Neck After it Gets Caught in Motorbike's Wheel While Celebrating World Cup Win

An Argentinian fan was choked to death when the flag he draped around his shoulders got caught in his motorbike.

The 22-year-old, named locally as Sebastian Oscar Maciel, died instantly after accidentally depriving himself of oxygen.

Maciel Suffocated to Death

Freak accident
An Argentinian fan was choked to death when the flag he draped around his shoulders got caught in his motorbike. Twitter

He crashed to the ground while celebrating Argentina's World Cup triumph on Sunday in the city of Bahia Blanca in the province of Buenos Aires, around 400 miles south of the Argentinian capital.

The man was on a Honda XR 150cc motorbike at the time of the incident. A police source told a local paper: 'The man appears to have died when an Argentinian flag he was wearing tied round his neck like a cape got caught in the one of the motorbike's wheels and choked him to death.

Various witnesses saw him collapse to the ground and realised he had the flag around his neck. "The investigation is ongoing but the initial hypothesis is that he died from asphyxiation," the police noted.

Argentines around the world partied in the street after their nation's thrilling penalty shootout World Cup final victory against France on Sunday. More than a million people congregated around the iconic Obelisk monument in Buenos Aires.

Celebrations Turned Deadly for Another Fan

Argentina team
Thousands of Argentine fans greet Lionel Messi and his team after they landed in Buenos Aires Twitter

The incident came before another Argentina fan died after falling from a roof in Buenos Aires while celebrating. According to reports in La Nacion, the Buenos Aires Ministry of Health confirmed that the 24-year-old man died of a fatal head injury at the Fernández Hospital having been admitted "after a fall from a height, in the context of the massive festivities that occurred in the City of Buenos Aires".

He was found unconscious on the third floor of a car park on Monday morning by police officers, with the police claiming that "he was jumping on the roof, celebrating the triumph of the National Team, until a plate broke and fell." A five-year-old boy is also reportedly in a coma following celebrations.