A family was sent the head of their deceased grandfather in a box of Hellman's mayonnaise in Argentina. Veronica Sosa was left horrified when delivery of the large box was made that had the remains of her grandfather named Luis Sosa.

The head that had turned into little more than a skull was originally believed to belong to a woman who has been missing in the city of General Roca in central Argentina. But the forensics found that it was no the head of the 40-year-old woman but that of Luis, who in his 70s went missing from his home in January last year.

Family Sent Skull of Missing Grandfather

Skull (Representational Image) Pixabay

The heartbroken and shocked family was told that they could not keep the remains returned to them till the investigation gets over, they horrified when the head was delivered to their home. The head was packed in a mayonnaise box with tape sealing the edges.

The family posted a picture of the box on social media, which read, "Can their treatment of you be more rubbish?. One year and eight months we have been waiting for you and looking for you and they deliver you as if you were nothing. Like this! In a box of mayonnaise."

Veronica slammed the authorities for the treatment of her grandfather as she said that they are only just numbers to the officials and also the people who do not stay quiet are framed as a nuisance.

"You are going to have to keep working Mr. District Attornies because I am not going to stop until I know what happened to do Don Sosa, my grandfather. When I find out you will not have a place to hide. Luis Sosa did not allow himself to die in a garbage dump," she added as reported by the Mirror. The family still has not buried the grandfather as they needed a formal death certificate.