Area 51 under scanner again: Video captures blue flying object lifting off from US Air Force base

Area 51
A flying object at the secret Area 51 or US Air Force base. (Youtube) Youtube videograb

Controversies surrounding Area 51, the secret US Air Force base are unending, and many conspiracy theorists have claimed that this secret area is the hub where the USAF tests alien technology vessels. Adding heat to their claims, a man has now captured a bizarre blue flying object lifting off from this Air Force base.

The short footage clearly shows a blue colored light moving up into the skies from Area 51. The eerie flying object flew off to the right of the screen before it suddenly disappeared.

"You can see it going up and up, I don't know what it is. I've been camped near Area 51 and, oh my god it's gone!" said the man who shot the video, Daily Star reports.

After seeing the video, many conspiracy theorists came up with possible theories explaining this bizarre encounter. Many people claim that this might be a time travel machine made by the US. Previously, several reports have surfaced online that the USAF is conducting experiments on various technologies related to time travel.

Some conspiracy theorists argue that the United States has already mastered the technique of time travel, but hiding it from the public.

Another section of conspiracy theorists claimed that it is an alien UFO that came from outer space to meet the scientists in Area 51. A couple of weeks agoback, a former USGS officer revealed that aliens have been in touch with humans for many years, and now they are preparing for a disclosure.

However, skeptics are not convinced about the video, and they ask how a normal civilian managed to get so close to the most secretive place on the planet. They also added that there is nothing unusual about this video and made it clear that it is a helicopter taking off from the ground.