NASA covering up the existence of Nibiru for over 30 years, says former USGS scientist

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Conspiracy theorists all over the world are up in arms over the rogue planet Nibiru for the past couple of years, arguing that the ninth planet in the solar system will collide with the earth in the near future causing massive destruction.

Now, Dr Ethan Trowbridge, a former scientist at the US Geological Survey has joined the ranks claiming that the US space agency NASA has been aware of the existence of Nibiru for more than 30 years, but it has chosen to cover up the news for the general public.

According to Trowbridge, NASA and the US Geological Survey have entered into a conspiracy to hide the existence of the rogue planet. In an exclusive talk with Daily Star, Trowbridge opened up about the coverup of the century.

"The USGS learned about Nibiru after this information came from NASA. We were instructed to check whether the abnormal climate change due to the influence of this heavenly body and studies proved this relationship," Trowbridge told Daily Star.

The former USGS scientist also added that the information about the mythical planet is highly classified, and only some hand-picked employees at the USGS know about its existence.

"This information is highly classified and all documents and information concerning its fragmented and divided by department so that people working with fragments of this information cannot understand its purpose. I think maybe forty or fifty employees have a real idea of what is happening," added Trowbridge.

Trowbridge also revealed that the sharp rise in sea levels and increased number of earthquakes are the proof of Nibiru's influence on our planet. He said that the earth will be totally devastated by Nibiru in the near future.

Even though Nibiru cataclysm theories date back to 1976, it was Christian numerologist David Meade who made this apocalyptic assumption popular. In 2017, he claimed that the world will end on September 23, and later he revealed that our planet is going through a seven-year tribulation period beginning from October 15, 2017.

Brushing aside these rumors, NASA had assured people that Nibiru was an "internet hoax".

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