Area 51 is definitely shrouded in mystery and government does not want public to know, says author 

Reptilian aliens
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It was on September 20 that 150 people reached the entrance of Area 51, in a quest to unlock the mysteries surrounding the secretive US military base. However, the planned raid did not go well as planned, and the police arrested three people for various acts committed in front of the entrance.

Now, as per a report published in the, James Abbott, who published the second volume in his Outsider's Guide to UFOs last month revealed that he has been closely monitoring the developments that were happening in Nevada. Abbott revealed that the tongue-in-cheek nature of the planned raid spoiled all the seriousness of the event that could have unlocked several mysteries surrounding alien life.

Abbott also made it clear that Area 51 might contain several secret pieces of information which the United States government does not want the public to know.

"Does Area 51 contain things that the US Government does not wish the public to know about? Most definitely. Do its hangars and bunkers conceal alien spacecraft and alien bodies? Possibly. Do those same structures hide US-built flying saucers? Highly unlikely. The technology is way beyond us at present," said Abbott.

The author alleged that the US government might have moved all sensitive materials out of Area 51 long ago. He also added that there will be similar bases like Area 51 in countries like Russia and China.

Several conspiracy theorists believe that Area 51 is a place where the United States government with the help of aliens builds spacecraft and other flying machines using anti-gravity technology. As per these conspiracy theorists, UFO sightings across the Nevada desert is a clear indication of the extraterrestrial presence in the area.

A couple of years ago, popular conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'Third Phase of Moon' had released images of a triangular-flying ship above Nevada. Interestingly, the flying ship featured in the image had smoke coming out of the body and was apparently on fire.

This article was first published on September 25, 2019