Are You In Love star Sung Hoon doesn't want to date or marry in real life, clarifies Park Na Re hug

Here is why Sung Hoon does not want to date nor marry in real life. His next drama Are You In Love will air on March 25, find out if he portrays his real-life character in the drama

Sung Hoon
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Sung Hoon is in the news again not only for his new film Are You In Love that is premiering on March 25, but also for his thoughts on dating and marriage.

Recently, the actor opened up about his personal life and choices during an interview arranged to promote his new drama.

Sung Hoon, when asked about relationships, said he did not want to date or get married. The reason he gave was that he was used to living alone.

He said he was not confident of living well after getting married. Explaining his idea of marriage, he said if married he would want to live his entire life with one person. But right now he was not ready for it and if he got hitched now, he was sure to have at least one divorce, which he didn't want to go through.

Sung Hoon said this was not because he didn't think highly of marriage, but because he was serious about it.

Recently, during Valentine's Day, Sung Hoon was linked to his colleague of Home Alone that is also known as I Live Alone, Park Na Rae.

When asked about his relationship with Park Na Rae, he had said the rumors of them dating were far from true. In an interview, he had said "no comment" that led to rumors of both stars dating.

However, Sung Hoon clarified and said that Park Na Rae was the first person he became close to on the Home Alone show and so he wanted to take good care of her. "But we are not dating," the actor clarified.

When asked about hugging Park Na Rae during MBC Entertainment Awards in 2019, Sung Hoon said he really wanted to hug her if she won the Grand Prize.

If this is his personal view on relationship, in his next film Are You In Love, Sung Hoon plays a strict café master Seung Jae, who keeps equal distance from not only women but also men. Seung Jae can even force someone to respond to his emotions, as he does not care about what the other person is thinking. But is this really the case or Seung Jae is putting up a front just to hide his soft nature?

Are You In Love premieres on March 25 and South Korean drama fans can watch it on