Are Fearsome Chechen Forces Fleeing Ukraine War After Suffering Massive Loss of Lives?

Chechen forces are heading back home as they have faced massive damage in the Ukraine war, claimed Ukraine, asserting that they will rarely consider attacking Kyiv again in near future.

Chechen fighters are being airlifted out of the war zone after losing several hundred troops, claimed Ukraine's military intelligence.

Chechen elite Hunter Squad
Chechen elite Hunter Squad has been deployed in Ukraine Twitter

The troops, who are also known as Kadyrovites, were sent to Chechnya capital Grozny, revealed the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU).

The organization claimed that the soldiers had been pulled out after suffering large numbers of deaths in the first three weeks of the war.

When Did Chechen Troops Start Participating in Ukraine War?

The troops have been part of the war since February 24 when Russia's invasion of Ukraine began.

A video circulated on February 26 showed a Chechen troop hoisting a Russian flag on a military unit building in Gostomel, which is nearly 50 km away from Kyiv.

Chechen top General Magomed Tushaev
Chechen top General Magomed Tushaev Screen grab - Twitter

Ukraine's Armed Forces confirmed the video but refused other claims that they had fought off three Ukrainian advances as when Cheches invaded the area was empty at that time, according to The Mirror.

Chechen Commander Died at the Beginning of Ukraine War

Chechen fighters had also attempted to gain control over the Gostomel airport but during their attack on February 26 and 28 a number of their troops died, according to Ukrainian intelligence.

Three days after the invasion began, General Magomed Tushayev -- commander of the 141st Motorized Regiment of the Chechen Rosguard, had died, leaving hundreds of troops to clueless for their future plans.

Massive Loss to Chechen Forces

Later, when Kadyrovites fighters and military vehicles were moving in Bucha, north of Kyiv, airstrikes were launched against them and afterward many vehicles' wreckage was seen in a video.

Initially, President of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov denied any casualties among his fighters but later on February 28, he accepted that two of their fighters were killed.

Chechen Hunter Squad
Chechen Hunter Squad Twitter

Kadyrov wrote on Telegram, "Unfortunately, there are casualties among the natives of the Chechen Republic. Two died and six others were injured,"

Chechen troops were also evacuated on March 13 from the territory of the Kyiv region via Belarus and further by air to Chechnya, revealed SBU and Kadyrov at the same time had announced that he would send nearly a thousand more troops to Ukraine.

Footage that has emerged in the last few days suggests that there are at least some Chechen fighters still involved in the invasion as some of them had led the attack in Mariupol after entering in Ukraine from the east.

Ukrainian Soldiers Taunt Chechen Troops

Soldiers in Ukraine have been taunting fighters who came from Chechens, a predominantly Muslim part of Russia. According to a video posted by Ukraine, its Azov Battalion's fighters were seen greasing bullets in pork fat and warning them to go home.

Some of the fighters of the Azov Battalion were accused of committing potential war crimes by the United Nations in 2016.