Where are Chechen Hunters? Russia's 'Deadly' Chechen Kill Squad Top General Eliminated by Ukrainian Forces

According to the Kyiv Independent, the Chechen Kill squads convoy of 56 tanks were blown up by Ukrainian missile fire in the Hostomel area.

A day after Russia reportedly deployed the elite Chechen Kill squad intending to assassinate the Ukrainian leadership, reports emerged that the Ukrainian soldiers eliminated one of the top Chechen generals. According to reports, a column of Chechen special kill squad was blown up by Ukrainians near Hostomel, just northeast of Kyiv.

According to the Kyiv Independent, the Chechen Kill squads convoy of 56 tanks were blown up by Ukrainian missile fire on the second day of their deployment. It was, however, unclear how many died.

The Chechen squad, reportedly belonging from Federal Guard Service's South battalion situated in Chechnya, are believed to be one of the most barbaric fighters. They are highly trained in assassination skills, ruthless, and are known for human rights abuses. The Kill squad was reportedly deployed by Russia to assassinate top Ukrainian leaders.

Chechen kill squad
Chechen kill squad, top General Magomed Tushaev (L) Screen grab - Twitter

'Deck of Cards'

The Chechen Kill squad mostly comprises jihadists notorious for their brutalities. According to insider reports, as the Chechen squad was deployed in Ukraine, each soldier was given a 'deck of cards' with photos of targeted Ukrainian officials. Ukrainian president Zelenskyy and his family were also said to be marked by the Chechen squad for assassination.

Chechen Top General Reportedly Eliminated

As the Chechen squad met with resilient Ukrainian soldiers in the Hostomel area, several of them were killed while others were taken captive. One of the captured Chechen squad soldiers reportedly confirmed that their General Magomed Tushaev had been killed.

"The National Guard of Ukraine and the Alpha special unit are now dealing with the rest of the unit with small arms already," a Ministry of Defense source told Interfax-Ukraine. The death of Magomed, however, is yet to be verified with official sources.
Chechen top General Magomed Tushaev
Chechen top General Magomed Tushaev Screen grab - Twitter
General Magomed is said to be the right-hand man of current Chechen forces leader Ramzan Kadyrov, a close ally of Russian President Putin.

The Chechen batch of hunters is believed to be hiding in a Ukrainian forest, with an 'order to kill' if the targeted people could not be detained or if they try to flee. There is speculation that people labeled as 'Nazis' by Moscow will also be targeted.