Are chemtrails real? Social activist captures nightmarish image in Florida skies

Facebook: Matt Landman

Matt Landman, a social activist who works to stop geoengineering has released a nightmarish image of alleged chemtrails in the skies of Florida. The image shared by Landman shows the evening sky completely lined with trails, in the language of conspiracy theorists, 'chemtrails'.

People react against alleged chemtrails

The image released by Landman has already gone viral on Facebook, and it has racked up more than 480 shares since its upload 12 hours ago. Supporters of Landman strongly argue that governments are spraying chemtrails all around the sky to control the weather. According to these people, due to these adverse geoengineering projects, the world will soon become a non-inhabitable place for living beings.

"OMG!!! I've seen dark ones. Before. In the daytime. But one or 2. Maybe 3 at a time. Never like this. What's up with the dark ones?," posted a Facebook user named Billene Ingraham.

Another Facebook user Michael Weissenfluh asked why the national media outlets are not covering news like these. He also added that it is time to wake up and speak against these geo-engineering projects secretly operated by the government.

"That's crazy. It's so obvious ! Nothing to see here, moving along sheeple. Why isn't this on the nightly news? Its time to wake up, speak up or cough up some dough to help bring recognition to what's going on up in our sky and stop the spraying of toxic materials. Stop the bioengineering in our sky!," commented Weissenfluh.

What are chemtrails?

According to experts, there is no such thing as chemtrails in the skies, and what we see is actually contrails coming out from aircraft. However, conspiracy theorists strongly believe that governments are secretly spraying chemicals in the skies for various reasons including weather control, solar radiation management, psychological manipulation, and human population control.

A few months ago, a section of conspiracy theorists including Matt Rogers has revealed that chemtrails are widely being sprayed to hide the anomalies in the sky like the arrival of Nibiru.