Archaeologists preparing to open ancient Egyptian sarcophagus amidst fear of pharaoh curse

Egyptian tomb
YouTube: UFOmania

Two weeks ago, archaeologists in Egypt discovered a giant granite tomb at a construction site in Alexandria, where historians believe that the legendary emperor Alexander The Great was buried.

Now, experts are planning to open the secret tomb, so that many secrets could be uncovered. As plans to open the tomb goes on steadily, many conspiracy theorists have started claiming that this move could fetch curse from ancient pharaohs. As per these theorists, a curse very similar to that portrayed in the movie 'The Mummy' will be unveiled once anybody opens the tomb.

Ayman Ashmawy, the head of ancient Egyptian artefacts at Egypt's ministry of antiquities also shared similar thoughts and made it clear that it is risky to open the tomb directly, and the archaeologists should prepare well, reported.

The sarcophagus is very unusual compared to other similar tombs especially due to its mammoth size. The newly discovered sarcophagus is more than 2 meters high. The tomb has a length of 3 meters and it approximately weighs more than 30 metric tonnes.

It should be also noted that the newly discovered sarcophagus was found very near to a remarkably well-preserved alabaster head. As per Egyptian mythology, the alabaster head is actually a representation of whoever lies in the tomb. Considering the quality of the craving, it is assumed that the sarcophagus might contain the remains of one of the high dignitaries in the ancient age.

Now, conspiracy theory channel 'UFOmania' has uploaded a video about the tomb, and viewers were quick to speculate what could happen if the giant granite tomb gets opened.

"Leaving it closed seems like a great idea... Buried and sealed for a reason... O'well... If the world ends, we know who to blame," commented Ludicrous James, a YouTube user.

"If it is filmed live then there would be no conspiracy and no finger pointing at who stole what. But I fear it will be just another grave robbery like Gilgamesh tomb. If people made it so that discoveries like these were made public in all events would it not give more comfort to people? If you don't want to know no one would force you to watch. Our ancient ancestors or Giants buried is proof of our past," commented Tania, another YouTuber.

However, a section of people believes that opening the tomb could provide more insight regarding the glorious history of Egypt.

This article was first published on July 19, 2018