Apple's new warning to store staffs may affect millions of iPhone users

Apple's new warning would impact millions of iPhone users who seek replacement of damaged device under warranty

The tech giant Apple has sent out a memo warning staff at its worldwide stores about stock shortages of replacement iPhones, revealed a new report. The company recently told technical support staff that replacement iPhones for heavily damaged devices will be in short supply for almost a month.

Some of the Apple stores also have noticed a shortage of Apple device parts, revealed store employees as reported by Bloomberg.

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The US-based technology company have already announced that it is heading for its most exciting iPhone upgrade in 2020. But the new warning will impact millions of iPhone users. As per the report, the tech company did not reveal the reason behind the stock shortages but the company has already issued a warning in February while mentioning that Coronavirus has impacted "worldwide iPhone supply to such extent that it will affect global revenues."

The staff at Apple stores were asked to tell the customers that their replacement iPhone devices can be mailed to them and, if possible, the store will issue loaner devices.

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A man uses his iPhone before a preview event at the new Apple Store Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York, US, 28 July 2016 Andrew Kelly/Reuters

However, the recent revelation about Apple that the company is struggling to produce enough iPhone as a replacement for the damaged devices under warranty, has triggered serious questions over its ability to launch the new budget iPhone 9 in March. As reported by Forbes, an Apple insider, Ming-Chi Kuo said that he believes iPhone production would be hit hard enough that it will impact Apple's Q2 earnings.

However, it should be mentioned that the iPhone 9 will be the power-packed mini iPhone which many Apple fans have wanted for years. But the leaked details about iPhone 12 have claimed that it will be a major step forward and the highlights will include a long-range 3D camera, new high refresh rate displays using next-gen OLED panels from Samsung, both larger and smaller screen sizes, fast A14 chipset, 5G with Apple-designed antennas and a potential return for fingerprint recognition as well as Face ID.

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