Apple TV app finally receives live sports section ahead of December 4

Apple launched its new Sports section ahead of schedule which can be accessed as a tab option in Apple TV app. Users can choose which teams they want to put in priority.

Apple TV 4K

Apple has officially released the live sports section of the TV app ahead of schedule. Mid-November, the California-based tech giant first announced that the said section will be rolled out on December 4.

The new Sports section is now part of the TV app in the recent beta releases of both iOS 11.2 and tvOS 11.2. What used to be a rumor, live integration with both iOS and tvOS apps can now be experienced.

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IBTimes Singapore reported on November 19 that Apple will be releasing the update despite unofficially announced. The new Sports section can be accessed as a tab option in Apple's TV app. Once it is loaded, the user will be able to choose which teams they want to put in priority.

Following the one-time requirement, users will be notified through alerts about the forthcoming games with live scores as well as remaining times. Sports fans can take advantage of all the offerings related to MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL and others.

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Also the live news integration in the latest beta release of iOS shows that Apple has not yet fully arranged the new feature. Even so, it is expected to be updated once the final version arrives sometime in December.

Apart from the addition of the Sports tab, Apple is also expected to bring in an improved HDR and frame rate control to the Apple TV 4K. With the HDR, users can set whether or not Apple TV should automatically switch between SDR and HDR modes, according to the type of content being streamed. At the moment, Apple TV 4K displays always-on HDR.

This article was first published on December 1, 2017