Apple is planning to offer users a bundled subscription service from 2020

The iPhone maker is planning to offer its users a bundled subscription service of Apple TV+, Apple News+ and Apple Music as early as in 2020

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The Apple logo is pictured at its flagship retail store in San Francisco, California 24 January 2014 Robert Galbraith/Reuters

What many have been guessing for the last few months about Apple might just come true. The American multinational technology company is reportedly planning to launch a bundled subscription service to boost subscriber figures and it might come as soon as in 2020.

The iPhone maker is planning to offer its users a bundled subscription service of Apple TV+, Apple News+ and Apple Music. This definitely is a move to increase its subscriber base and at the same time offer a complete package of infotainment services.

The news comes less than two weeks after the company launched its streaming service Apple TV+. The iPhone maker, reportedly, has hinted at this move in its deals with publishers for Apple News+, where the company added options for future bundles along with its other services. The company has already been trying to push a number of bundled services lately in a bid to lure more subscribers to its newly launched Apple TV+.

Interestingly, Apple's chief executive officer Tim Cook had also hinted at an iPhone subscription in the past. A bundled subscription service can prove to be the best opportunity to boost its profits. Given that iPhone sales are slowing, Apple has been banking heavily on its services segment. In fact, most of Apple's profit is now generated from its services segment and not through iPhone sales.

Smart strategy to build on its profits

Apple TV+

Apple presently has four multimedia subscriptions — Apple News+, Apple TV+, Apple Music and Apple Arcade. More than profit, the company's biggest concern with these services is growing. A bundled subscription service will not only help the tech giant boost its subscriber figures but also will allow equal growth for all its multimedia subscription services.

Moreover, the company recently entered the video-on-demand streaming services platform with Apple TV+ and has been aggressively trying to fuel subscriber growth. A bundled subscription service can help the iPhone maker to comfortably compete with rivals like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + and the soon-to-be-launched HBO Max.

Apple in order to lure more subscribers for its Apple TV+ has already introduced a number of initiatives like a year of free Apple TV+ with new device purchases and bundling TV+ with Apple Music for students.

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