Apple offering big discounts on iPhone 7 and iPad in India after currency ban

iPhone and iPad fans in India are in for a golden opportunity to purchase the product of their dreams at lower prices.

iPhone 7
Apple offering big discounts on iPhone 7 and iPad in India after currency ban

Apple is offering massive discounts on iPhone 7 and iPad purchases, following a major ban on Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 currency notes in India. Reports indicate that the sales of Apple smartphones have more than halved in the wake of the ban imposed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to curb the black-money menace in the country.

Given the fact that most people usually buy an iPhone using cash, sales of the iPhone has faltered a bit in the last few weeks owing to the cash crunch created by the new government rules, following the currency ban in the sub-continent.

Consequently, Apple has partnered with Citibank to offer some attractive deals and discounts to select customers in a bid to rejuvenate sales of its devices in the country.

The catch here is that all Citibank credit-card holders will be eligible for massive cashback discounts up to Rs. 23,000 on purchase of an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus including an iPad Pro as part of the same transaction.

Those who buy the older iPad Air 2 will be eligible for a cashback of Rs. 18,000, while iPad mini 2 and iPad mini 4 will fetch you a cashback discount of Rs. 17,000.

Meanwhile, those who do not qualify for the cashback offer, may go ahead and avail the in-store discounts of up to Rs. 5,900 on purchasing an iPhone 7 and an iPad Pro together from the same store.

On the other hand, the iPad Air and iPad mini are being offered at cash discounts of Rs. 2,900 and Rs. 2,800 respectively. The in-store discount offers will be valid until 31 December, which is incidentally the last date to exchange your older currency notes in Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 denominations at your home bank where you have an account.

With Apple gradually losing its market share due to declining sales in China, India has become a prominent market for the iPhone maker in recent times. Tim Cook had earlier hinted how the penetration of 4G network could help boost iPhone sales in India and thereby help potential growth prospects for Apple in the future.