Apple might stop making iPad Mini

Apple has been reported cutting its production for the next-generation iPad Mini due to "fierce cannibalism".

The tablet department might be losing a strong competitor in 2017 as Apple has been reported calling it a day for the next-generation iPad Mini. Rumours suggest the firm is planning to stop producing its mini tablet line due to the "fierce cannibalism" that is happening within the company.

No more iPad Mini?

According to BGR, "the iPad Mini is being phased out" to streamline its presence in the mobile technology space. The firm currently has four lines of tablets in the market: the standard iPad, the iPad Pro, the iPad Air, and the iPad Mini.

It has been a popular opinion that the Cupertino firm's tablets have become quite befuddling because of the number of variants being marketed to the public. Add to that the "fierce cannibalism" of its own products.

Poor sales performance

There has not been any information as to why the iPad Mini became the subject of this termination plans. Looking at the sales performance of the device, however, the iPad Mini really is the one that needs to take the bullet.

The latest available data shows the iPad Mini's contribution to overall sales of Apple's tablets is extremely disappointing. According to a recent report from mobile marketing company Fiksu, the iPad sales, in general, have dropped but the iPad Mini is seen as another problem.

iPads losing their role

In the last four years, the dwindling sales of Apple's tablets have been significant. Various theories have been drawn, including that Apple, on its own, is contributing to this decrease.

With the rise of larger smartphones, iPads are losing their role. For instance, iPad Mini has a screen size of 7.9 inches while the iPhone 7 Plus has 5.5 inches. Tablets are made for reading e-books and other similar activities and the iPhones these days, whose builds are ever growing, can now take that role.