Apple Maps: 7 features to make you want to download it

With iOS 10 update, Apple Maps offers a bunch of features that will make you want to download it again.

With all the free mapping services available today, Apple Maps may find it hard to make its way back to users' hands. Add to that the issues besetting Apple's mapping service like misleading directions.

In hopes to bring back the glory days of Apple Maps, the Cupertino developer has made tonnes of updates for it through the iOS 10. IBTimes Singapore has listed seven features to make you want to download and use Apple Maps again.

Traffic updates

Apple Maps constantly gives you updates of traffic on a specific route. Whenever the going gets rough on the road, the service will give you time to modify your direction. To turn it on, go to Settings > Maps and slide the traffic toggle to on.

Event notifications

If you are a calendar whore and you keep losing track of your schedule, Apple Maps can help you with your problem. The app will give you a heads up that you have an upcoming event along with suggestions how long it takes to get you to your event location on time.

Location coding

Establishments, attractions, parks, etc. are colour-coded in Apple Maps to inform users what this particular location is. So even if certain establishments are not obvious by their names, colour coding makes it easier for you to tell what is what and which is which.

Restaurants are coded orange with fork and knife. Hospitals are coded white with red cross. Shops are coded yellow with shopping bag. Hotels and inns are coded blue with a bed.

Yelp reviews

If it is your first time to set foot on a restaurant, hotel or any business establishments and you are having doubts about it, Apple Maps gives you reviews for certain shops courtesy of Yelp. Remember, this feature does not require you to launch Yelp.

3D view

While Google Maps is Apple Maps' counterpart, the latter boasts a feature that fare up with Google Earth. With 3D view, you get to peek of what the location looks like.

Flyover Tour

And if 3D is not enough, you can use the Flyover Tour, which basically gives you a 3D view of the location on a bird's point of view.


Google is your best friend, they say. But it can be tiring to launch Google search to look for something. With Apple Maps, it is built with Wikipedia around it so you get direct access to information of museums, streets, tourist sites, etc.

Have you reconsidered Apple Maps now? Which features would you want to try on? Comment down below your thoughts!