Apple launches updates for its four operating systems - iOS, macoS, watchOS and tvOS

In watchOS 3.2 Apple has finally updated the Siri integration of the watch.

Apple has just released new updates for its four operating systems - iOS 10.3, macOS 10.12.4, watchOS 3.2 and tvOS 10.2. All these updates have been made accessible for all compatible devices.

iOS 10.3 update for iPhones brings in Find My AirPod features to users. If an AirPod is connected to the device updated with the iOS 10.3 version then the user can see where it is on a map on the phone.

As per Tech Crunch, iOS users can also opt for an alarm if the AirPod is hidden under stacks of objects. The update will also show user the location where the AirPod was used last. The iOS 10.3 has also brought in upgrades to App Store ratings, Siri and Mail. Apple is reportedly updating all iOS devices to a new file system called APFS.

In macOS 10.12.4 the Night Shift has been added as a new feature, according to Apple Insider. This feature reportedly allows users to choose from a warmer set of colours at night that would help them sleep. As for tvOS 10.2 Apple didn't really bring any major update for the Apple TV, instead it brought in the much awaited feature where users can rent a movie on one Apple device and access it on another.

In watchOS 3.2 Apple has finally updated the Siri integration of the watch. Users can now start using Siri on the Apple Watch, with external apps just like in iPhones and iPads. This means that Apple Watch users can get themselves a Lyft or contact someone via WhatsApp without having to leave their watches. The Theater Mode button has also been added to shut off the devices' display when the user is in a movie theater.

As per iTechPost, users are advised to do an iCloud backup before updating their devices, especially for iOS systems, wherein there is a new file system update. iPhone and iPad users need to go to the Settings app to start the update, the Mac users should check the Mac App store and Apple Watch users should check on the Watch app on their iOS devices for the said update.