iPhone 6 patent dispute: Chinese court overturns ruling, says device is not local smartphone copy

The Court "recognises that Apple ... has not infringed the design patent filed by the company Shenzhen Baili"

A Beijing Court has overturned the ruling that iPhone 6 infringed on design patents of a competing local phone company called Shenzhen Baili and recognised that Apple has not violated any design patent.

Last year a Beijing Intellectual Property Office ruled that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus violated the design patent of a local phone and that's why Apple must stop selling both the products in the city. The tech giants were definitely not up for it and cleverly appealed the decision, letting iPhone 6 and 6 Plus stay in the market.

As reported by South China Morning Post a Beijing Court has ruled in favour of Apple and that decision put an end to the ongoing patent dispute and "quashes the decision" stated by the original ruling.

Moreover, the Court also stated that there are some clearly distinguishable features in the iPhone 6 that completely change the effect of the product and makes it dissimilar from that of Shenzhen Baili.

The Chinese smartphone company initiated the lawsuit last year claiming that Apple actually copied the design of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus from its 100C smartphone. The basis of this charge was that both the companies' devices featured curved edges and rounded corners.

But since then, the Chinese smartphone company has collapsed amid huge public criticism of its products and budget-focused Chinese market. Winning this lawsuit against Apple could salvage the company to some extent but now that chance is gone too.

Apple is currently fighting legal battles with several companies, most remarkably with Nokia and Qualcomm.