Apple investigating 'No Service' problem with mobile networks in iPhone 7: How to fix

iPhone 7 units running on AT&T and T-Mobile networks are reportedly facing mobile-service outages after exiting Airplane mode.

Several iPhone 7 users have recently been complaining about the inability to reconnect to mobile-network service after exiting the Airplane mode. It is ascertained that the connectivity issues persist only on the Intel modem-based iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus while there are no such issues reported with the iPhone 6s, which uses the Qualcomm-chipset-based modem.

According to MacRumors quoting a YouTube video posted by one of its readers, the 'No Service' mobile connectivity problem is confirmed on all iPhone 7s running on AT&T and T-Mobile networks as they use the Intel-chipset-based modems.

Meanwhile, Apple has recommended its authorised service providers to educate customers about the temporary workarounds to fix this problem until the next bug-fix update is rolled out. Affected users can try restarting their iPhone or re-inserting the SIM card on the device to restore mobile-network connectivity.

Some Apple authorised retail stores are also offering whole-unit replacements for the affected iPhone 7s while it is still unclear if the replacement units also have the same problem.

Earlier some iPhone 7 users reported a strange hissing-noise from the device's motherboard under heavy processor load.