Apple has dropped the price tag to zero for some of the best premium apps on the App Store. Also, at the end of this list is a US$10 meal planner that will help you in almost all aspects of your diet. IBTimes Singapore has listed the top premium apps which are now downloadable from the App Store for free with no strings attached.

Backgrounds (US$0.99)

What about custom wallpapers for your phone? The Backgrounds app allows you to create your own lock and home screen paper and to put anything on it, including name, phone number or email which could be a great help when you lose it.

Get Backgrounds for iOS from the App Store.

Tweety Pro (US$2.99)

This app is a must-have to all Twitteratis. Tweety Pro allows users to view Twitter timeline and mentions on the phone's lock screen or while any other app is open. From there, you can even favourite, retweet or open the tweet right from the widget.

Get Tweety Pro for iOS from the App Store.

Tabs (US$1.99)

Tabs is your financial manager when spending with friends, family or in groups. From organising a party to holidaying with friends, you can rely on this app as it allows you to create multiple tabs on every occasion and share them with family or friends via iMessage

Get Tabs for iOS from the App Store.

Afterlight (US$0.99)

Afterlight is not your ordinary photo editing app. It is packed with 15 adjustment tools, 128 frames, 79 filters and 78 textures that you can customise.

Get Afterlight for iOS from the App Store.

Mealviser (US$9.99)

Per reviews, Mealviser is like getting a professional service from a real dietician. Not a surprise since it is powered by artificial intelligence that gives users personalised recommendations based on their diet. The app boasts more than 500,000 meals under its belt so you surely have a vast array of meal options every day.

Get Mealviser for iOS from the App Store.

Take advantage of this limited-time offer and enjoy your top-rated premium apps now!