Apple has awesome surprises week after week, offering a bunch of premium apps for free. IBTimes Singapore gives you five incredible apps that you can download now from the App Store without paying for them. This offer is limited-time only so hurry and grab these apps now!

Magnifier Flash (US$0.99)

Transform your iPhone or iPad into a magnifying glass through the flash. Magnifier Flash comes handy when reading books in the dark. You can even zoom texts or save important notes to photos.

Get Magnifier Flash for iOS from the App Store.

System Activity Monitor (US$0.99)

This app is a one-stop dashboard that monitors your device's operating system activities like memory usage, battery life, used space and device information. It also provides your 3D bar charts, LED flashing charger, battery charging animation, battery health check and more.

Get System Activity Monitor for iOS from the App Store.

ProPlayer (US$7.99)

ProPlayer is a powerful video player that supports all video and audio formats on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This app allows you to simply transfer movies or audio files via Wi-Fi, USB or browser so there's no need for you to convert them.

Get ProPlayer for iOS from the App Store.

Sunrise Sunset (US$0.99)

If you're a sunset/sunrise chaser, this offline app is made just for you. Sunrise Sunset displays the relevant time of the day, including sunrise, sunset, civil twilight begin (dawn), sun transit (solar noon), civil twilight end (dusk) and total daylight.

Get Sunrise Sunset for iOS from the App Store.

Audio Notebook (US$4.99)

Take notes in simplest and easiest way possible with Audio Notebook. For students, this app is best used to record lectures and jot down notes during classes. For professionals, this app can be used to save highlights during meetings or interviews.

Get Audio Notebook for iOS from the App Store.

What are you waiting for? Go to App Store now and hit that install button!