App developer shows off Rainway app running on Nintendo Switch

Developer Andrew Sampson has said that the app should make its way soon into the Nintendo Switch

Previously it was reported that Nintendo is working on a huge Nintendo Switch app, which is supposed to make its way into the console soon and give the machine a distinct edge over its competitors like Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One.

The Rainway app is supposed to allow Switch users to stream PC games at a speed of 60fps the system.

"Rainway's signature feature is that it's available on any device with a web browser." reads the announcement of the app on Ulterius. "You'll simply visit, log in and kick back with your favourite games. Native apps for Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and other platforms are being developed to provide an even more seamless experience."

However, the entire concept seemed a bit farfetched at that moment but now the app's developer has published the first gameplay of the streaming app on Nintendo Switch.

Initially, it seemed possible that the app could allow playing PC games on the Switch when connected to the internet, which could include games such as Call of Duty WW2, Destiny 2 and even Red Dead Redemption 2 - if it was to get a PC release.

Now the developer Andrew Sampson has taken to Twitter, showing off games, such as Overwatch, Batman Arkham Knight, The Witcher 3 and NieR Automata, running on the Nintendo Switch.

As per the "everything was a bit jerky" but according to Sampson, he's still working on the app to make it run smoother.

Previously it was not sure if Nintendo would allow such an app o be released on the e-shop and that's a concern still now.

The Rainway app has not been given any release date yet. Sampson had previously stated that he has been in connection with Nintendo and we should receive a "good news pretty soon."

Sampson had also cleared the air regarding the pricing issues of the app. "Rainway is free, you do not need to buy any additional hardware or pay a subscription to use our platform. Rainway at launch will only support a maximum resolution of 1080P. We will support 4k when the AV1 codec has been finalized," said Sampson.