Things to know about latest free DLC member of ARMS family

The first ever free DLC character of ARMS has some super awesome special powers, read here to know more.

During the Nintendo Treehouse live-streaming at the E3 2017, the gaming company unveiled the first ever free DLC character for the newly released game ARMS. Here is what you can expect from this newest character of ARMS, Max Brass.


Nintendo gave the follow up on Max Brass using a stream of pictures and also provided some details regarding when this character will be made available for the eager gamers.

The name is Max Brass, as we have mentioned and he is the boss character of the Gran Prix mode. As per Game Informer, Brass starts off as a normal-sized fighter and has the ability to grow and bulk up to become a more ferocious opponent in the arena.

Max Brass,  Nintendo

Add to that Max Brass can also unleash special powers with his purple fists, which was briefly shown off in the Treehouse trailer as well. The producer Kosuke Yabuki thrashed Max Brass and taught other members of the Treehouse a lesson in humility.

Yabuki also quashed the ARMS champion during the E3 invitational.

Max BrassNintendo

According to Yabuki, all DLC contents of the game will be free following the launch in order to make the gamers come back for more, and eventually lure into new gamers. Brass will be free from July, reported Cinema Blend.

Nintendo will be spacing out the contents and gradually incorporate into the game so that the players remain on their toes all the time, explained Yabuki. It will also force the players to adapt and adjust their fighting tactics and strategies according to the inclusion of new characters.

Max BrassNintendo

According to Kosuke Yabuki, every time the players will become comfortable with the tactics, a new character will enter the arena to break the pattern. This will give the players opportunities to learn something new all the time.

It sounds like a brilliant strategy from Nintendo not only to keep the FGC on their toes but also to keep casual players interested in checking the game out just in case a new character arrives.

Before the arrival of Max Brass, a spectator mode will come to the game, which will be significant for a lot of FCG fights and it will also hold the possibility of ARMS becoming a legitimate e-sports title. Yabuki has confirmed that the spectator mode will come before June rounds out.