'Apex Legends' with limited Duos mode adding two-player teams coming up next week

Respawn Entertainment announced that it was finally adding two-player squads to "Apex Legends" with a limited-time Duos Mode on Nov. 5.

Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment

"Apex Legends" is finally getting a two-player mode that fans have been asking for months. The long-requested Duos game mode will arrive next week, Respawn Entertainment announced on Wednesday, Oct. 30. "Apex Legends" is a free-to-play battle royale shooter that pits teams, each comprising of three players, against each other in a do-or-die duel to the death. However, on Nov. 5, for a limited period, a two-player Duos mode will be added to the mix, the developer announced on Twitter.

Respawn has previously added limited-time solo events, but this will be the first time two-player squads will be introduced to the game. If previous events are anything to go by, it's likely that the developer will stick to 60-person matches, which means there will be 30 teams per game. Since the title's launch in February, Respawn hasn't experimented away from its three-person squad format and for good reason. The entire game, including how the battles pan out and how subclass abilities come together, all revolve around trios such as being able to provide cover, heal, and revive members of your squad during an intense firefight.

This formula has worked for the "Apex Legends," reaching 70 million registered players this month, making it one of the most popular online shooters out there. Part of the same universe as "Titanfall" and "Titanfall 2," Respawn's battle royale title crossed 1 million players within the first eight hours of its launch, which increased to 2.5 million in a day, and 25 million over the week.

Respawn doesn't feel the need to change something that's not broken so it introduces casual, limited-time modes that give the fans what they want without moving away from the game's core system. "Apex Legends" Season 2: Battle Charge added significant changes to the map as well as limited time-events, including the solo mode. Season 3: Meltdown stepped things up with a whole new map and the first of Apex Legends' holiday-themed celebrations, "Fight or Fright," which also includes a variant of solo mode called "Shadowfall."

Respawn haven't given an exact end date for the Duos mode yet, but it's safe to say it'll last at least as long as the solo mode did, which was around two weeks.

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