Antisemitic Threats Put Cornell University on High Alert, FBI Notified

University President Martha E. Pollack denounces antisemitic messages threatening violence

Cornell University in the United States was placed on high alert on Sunday, October 29, following the emergence of threatening antisemitic messages targeting the Jewish community at the school. The alarming messages were reportedly posted on a public online platform, sparking immediate concern and action.

Cornell university

In a statement delivered online, Cornell University President Martha E. Pollack denounced the "horrendous, antisemitic messages threatening violence" directed at the Jewish community, particularly referencing 104 West, the location of the Center for Jewish Living. Law enforcement was promptly informed about these distressing messages.

At the time of the incident, Cornell Police were present on-site to investigate the matter. Their presence is expected to continue, ensuring ongoing security. Additionally, the FBI has been alerted about the potential for a hate crime, reflecting the seriousness with which authorities are treating this situation.

President Pollack, in an Instagram post, urged students to steer clear of the building, emphasizing the university's commitment to ensuring safety. She reiterated a strong stance against such threats, asserting that those responsible will face the full weight of the law.

"Antisemitism will not be tolerated at Cornell," affirmed Martha Pollack, emphasizing the university's staunch stand against bigotry and hatred. The incident has drawn attention to the urgent need to combat divisiveness and hate that undermines the community spirit at Cornell.

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Governor Kathy Hochul strongly condemned the hateful messages and assured the community of necessary steps to ensure students' safety. Addressing the concerning trend of such incidents on college campuses, she stated that the New York State Police are actively engaged in assessing the situation to safeguard the students.

This incident follows a recent act of vandalism at Cornell University's New York campus, where hateful anti-Israel messages were found sprayed across the campus sidewalks. Phrases such as "F–k Israel" and "Zionism = Racism" were among the disturbing messages. According to The Cornell Review, these graffiti marks appeared on the school's sidewalks in the morning, making explicit statements against Israel.

The emergence of such incidents raises concerns about the rise of hateful behavior and the urgent need to foster a more inclusive and safer environment within academic settings.

The university authorities, law enforcement, and governing bodies are working in unison to address these incidents and ensure the safety and well-being of the entire Cornell community.