Anti-inflammatory drugs may aggravate COVID-19, instead take paracetamol, says French health minister

Experts opine that taking anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen, cortisone can prove to be dangerous as it diminishes the ability of the patient to respond to treatment

The Health Minister of France Oliver Veran took to Twitter to state that anti-inflammatories may aggravate coronavirus and advised people to take paracetamol in the time of fever. His tweet states: "The taking of anti-inflammatories [ibuprofen, cortisone ... ] could be a factor in aggravating the infection. In case of fever, take paracetamol. If you are already taking anti-inflammatory drugs, ask your doctor's advice."

Minister Oliver Veran is a doctor himself and a neurologist. Anti-inflammatories tend to affect the immune system of the body and the infected person may not be able to respond well to the treatment. He also advised taking paracetamol instead of ibuprofen or cortisone and other anti-inflammatory medicines.

Minister Oliver Veran is a doctor

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In France, currently due to the spread of the virus, people have been asked to consult pharmacies if they want to buy painkillers and common medicines including paracetamol and aspirin from January. The health ministry of France on Friday had said that the number of coronavirus cases in the country had increased by 800 in just a day. France has 4,469 confirmed cases of coronavirus so far. The country has reported 91 deaths. Among the 4,366 active cases, at least 154 are being treated in intensive care.

France has closed most of its tourist spots for public viewing. There is no entry to famous spots in France including Eiffel Tower, Château de Versailles, Louvre, Musée d'Orsay and Centre Pompidou. The mass public gatherings have been cancelled. Sunday masses in churches also have been cancelled in Paris. Schools also had last lessons on Saturday and will be closed since Sunday till further notice. However, education minister, Jean-Michel Blanquer, said that 1.24 million students will be at home but will follow the curriculum through the internet.

Globally, coronavirus has affected 157,120 people and 5,839 people have succumbed to the COVID-19 till now. China tops the list with 80,849 cases followed by Italy with 21,157 cases, Iran with 12,729 cases, South Korea with 8,162 cases, Spain with 6,391 cases and Germany with 4,599 confirmed cases that are ahead of France in the list. Currently, coronavirus has affected 153 countries globally and there are 75,342 people fighting against the virus now.

This article was first published on March 15, 2020
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