Another Peeping Tom incident, NUS student arrested for filming in campus bathroom

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A male student of the National University of Singapore (NUS) was arrested by the police on Saturday, May 11 for filming a female student in a bathroom at one of the residence halls.

As reported, the police were alerted to the case at around 8.10 am on Saturday and nabbed the 26-year-old alleged offender who is a resident of the Raffles Hall, where the incident took place. The alleged accused would face a charge for insulting the modesty of a woman.

An NUS spokesperson said that the university authority is assisting the police investigation and will take necessary disciplinary actions.

As per the spokesperson since April, NUS has been enhancing the security on the campus by installing more CCTV cameras to have better coverage. The university also upgrading the shower cubicles and toilet locks to make the area more safe and secure. The spokesperson also stated that NUS has increased patrols by the campus security officials.

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In April, an NUS undergraduate student, Monica Baey, who was the victim of a similar incident, took to social media seeking tougher action against her perpetrator, another NUS student, Nicholas Lim.

Baey raised her voice after she found out that NUS had not done more against Lim, who filmed the female student when she was taking a shower in her hostel in November 2018.

After the social media post went viral, NUS published a news release where they apologised to the female victim and said, "When such offences are committed, the NUS Board of Discipline, which comprises student and faculty representatives, will also conduct its own disciplinary proceedings."

They also stated that a review of this case will be undertaken by a panel and assured Baey a better disciplinary proceeding.

It should be noted that Lim was given a 12-month conditional warning from police and was suspended from NUS for a semester. He also asked to write an apology letter to Baey.

Later, the female undergrad shared another post on her Instagram account, where she mentioned that "NUS has reached out to me to acknowledge that the current disciplinary system dealing with sexual misconduct cases in the university is inadequate, organized a town hall to hear the concerns of the student body."

The NUS spokesperson said on Saturday that in this latest incident the suspect was captured on the recently installed CCTV camera. He also stated that NUS wants to improve the coverage of the CCTV cameras but meanwhile, they asked the students to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity in the campus.

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This article was first published on May 12, 2019
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