NUS to convene review panel after female student demands strict action over Peeping Tom incident

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Following a bizarre incident that took place in her hostel, an undergraduate student from National University of Singapore (NUS) took to her Instagram account on Friday, April 19 seeking for tougher action, prompting the institution to react immediately on Saturday, April 20 and form a panel to conduct disciplinary proceedings and review the case.

As per her social media post, the 23-year-old NUS student was filmed by a male student when she was taking a shower in her hostel but she caught him red-handed. The incident took place in November, 2018.

Soon after the incident the student Monica Baey filed a police complaint. As evidence, a CCTV footage of the accused was submitted showing the male student trying to enter different toilets to find his victims.

However, in a series of social media posts, the victim also mentioned that "the outcome of the entire investigation was a 12-month conditional warning," and the offender can only get real punishment if he commits such crime again.

When she sought stricter punishment, the investigator told her that either she accepts the outcome or she can go to NUS and push for stringent action.

She also wrote that "I am seriously distressed. My mental health is shit because of this incident. I live in fear... I need to know you (NUS) will take real action and let the rest of the school know that what happened is wrong and will not be tolerated. You need to protect us! This keeps happening!"

Baey clearly mentioned the identity of the male accused and posted a picture of a letter, which was allegedly written by the male student to the NUS.

It stated, "I am writing this letter to formally apologise for my vile and inappropriate action that happened in Eusoff Hall, on the final week of November and being on heavy alcoholic influence is no excuse at all," adding that "I am extremely ashamed of what I have done and I am so sorry to have traumatised you in such a manner, nobody should ever have to go through such a traumatic experience."

However, on Saturday, NUS published a news release where they apologised to Baey and stated that "When such offences are committed, the NUS Board of Discipline, which comprises student and faculty representatives, will also conduct its own disciplinary proceedings." It said a review of the case will be undertaken by a panel and assured a better disciplinary proceeding.

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