Anonymous Releases List Linking Donald Trump, Naomi Campbell to Jeffery Epstein, Trafficking

Anonymous, the world's largest hacking activist group, has released a list of celebrities and linked them to Epstein and sex trafficking.

The world's largest hacking group, Anonymous, is back. This time, it is with a shocking revelation linking celebrities including actress Naomi Campbell, US President Donald Trump, his daughter Ivanka Trump, Alec Baldwin, and others, with the Jeffrey Epstein case. It released a list of people who were allegedly involved in the trafficking case.

Anonymous is a known hacktivist group that had stopped actively posting nearly three years ago. It made a sudden appearance on May 31 with a video of a protest against George Floyd's death. Netizens claim that the Minneapolis incident of a police officer killing the black man made them come out again. It looks also like Trump's tweet on terming ANTIFA as a terrorist organization also made Anonymous angry.

Anonymous has accused US President Donald Trump, model Naomi Campbell and others of their involvement with sex offender Jeffrey Epstein Instagram

"What does Epstein have to do with Black Lives Matter? It's a testament to the impunity given to those in power that believe that we are property they can sell & destroy as they please. Their impunity is why they murder black people and trafficking children. We can all stop them," Anonymous tweeted.

Their first activity on Twitter was to accuse many top celebrities of wrongdoing and exposing their alleged links to culprits. The group also released the document of a case accusing Trump, along with Epstein, of sexual misconduct, rape and criminal sexual acts.

Exposing Trump, Anonymous shared a video of him with Epstein in his earlier days. Anonymous had claimed that Trump got his friend Epstein killed to cover up his history of child trafficking and rape. But when Epstein died in prison in 2019, Trump had tweeted that he barely knew him.

Anonymous document
Hacking group Anonymous shared a document of rape, sexual misconduct case against US President Trump and Jeffrey Epstein. Twitter

"Actually, it's in the link we posted, not only was Epstein selling and gathering blackmail material on US and UK politicians, he was supported by MEGA group, a mafia of wealthy investors and organized criminals who were also linked to the USSR & Israel," said Anonymous in a tweet.

A list of people involved with Epstein was released by making Epstein's personal address book called 'little black book' public. Anonymous uploaded a number of documents to the Scribd account, OpDeathEaters.

Apart from Trump, the list also named British supermodel Naomi Campbell, Ivanka Trump, Prince Andrew, Phil Collins, Tony Blair, Chris Evans (British radio DJ) and Dustin Hoffman, among others.

Naomi Campbell has been linked to a trafficking network. Not only was she linked to Epstein's inner circle but also to child trafficker Jean Luc and child rapist John Casablancas (another of Trump's partners and Ivanka's modeling agent.)

After investigation of years, Epstein was arrested again on 6 July 2019 on federal charges of trafficking minors in Florida and New York. But on 10 August 2019, he was found hanging to the ceiling of his cell in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan.

After a hiatus, Anonymous has been posting tweets and retweets over the death of George Floyd.

The Anonymous Pattern

Anonymous is a group of hackers known for cyberattacks and work against governments, government institutions and government agencies, corporations and the Church of Scientology. On several occasions, it has claimed to have exposed corrupt offices and officials.

Anonymous made its presence felt by getting digitized on the imageboard 4chan in 2003. So far, dozens of people have been held for their involvement in Anonymous expose'. They have been arrested under cyber attack laws in the US, UK, Australia, the Netherlands, Spain, India, and Turkey.

Despite arrests and restrictions, Anonymous flourished and became so popular that Time named it one of the "100 most influential people" in the world in 2012.

Considering the pattern of Twitter activity of Anonymous in recent times, it can be seen that apart from corruption-related issues, the group is against violence by police officers towards citizens.

In 2014, the shooting of Tamir Rice, a twelve-year-old boy armed with a BB gun, by Cleveland Police, led Anonymous to shut down the Cleveland city website. But before shutting it down, the group posted a video of Tamir Rice shooting,

Naomi Campbell
Anonymous tweet accusing model Naomi Campbell of her involvement in trafficking. Twitter

In 2015, Anonymous released a video and a statement via Twitter criticizing the attack on Charlie Hebdo magazine staff. The attack resulted in the killing of 12 people, including the publishing director of Charlie Hebdo, Charb, and prominent cartoonists.

In 2016, Anonymous reportedly took on Trump. Soon after a video was released, Anonymous' Official YouTube channel stated "we are for everyone letting their voices be heard, even, if the person at hand ... is a monster." This was followed by a pro-Trump group QAnon, announcing that they were the real Anonymous in late 2017.

This led to anti-Trump members of Anonymous warning QAnon against stealing the group's branding. After this, the group ceased its activities until George Floyd's death and massive protest that followed the incident.