Anita Dunn Sentenced to Death at Guantanamo Bay, to be Hanged on February 14? Bizarre Claim Baffles Many

Anita Dunn, former adviser of U.S. President Joe Biden, became a victim of hoax claim after reports about her death sentence surfaced on social media. It was claimed that Dunn's execution is scheduled for Monday, February 14.

The claim emerged in an article published on Real Raw News, a website which claims to contain humor, parody, and satire.

Anita Dunn
Fake claim about the death sentence of Anita Dunn has gone viral. Twitter

Dunn Sentenced at Guantanamo Bay?

The article headlined, 'It's Death for Dunn' was published on January 27 on Real Raw News. According to the website, Dunn was being tried for having secret meetings with Dr Anthony Fauci during the pandemic related to vaccine mandate.

Claiming that Dunn's husband Bob Bauer appeared as witness during military tribunal against her, the website reported that Rear Adm. Crandall cautioned Dunn against intimidating her husband.

It was also claimed that Bauer revealed that Dunn met Fauci thrice, twice at their home and one at a restaurant between December 2019-March 2020. "Fauci wanted Anita because she was cozy with the entire administration, from the people brought back from the Obama admin to the newcomers, and she had the expertise to decide who got what when money started trickling down from the top. It was like an inverted pyramid, with the Big Pharma CEOs at the top and below them a tier of health experts, including Fauci and Collins, getting paid out. Another tier beneath them, and so on," Bauer was quoted by the outlet.

The article further claimed that the panel found Dunn guilty of treason, and recommended she get the maximum punishment. "Rear Adm. Crandall concurred, and sentenced Dunn to hang by the neck until dead. Her date of execution is scheduled for Monday, February 14," the report claimed.

Here is the Truth

Debunking the claim, Lead Stories, a fact checking website, reported that information is "false." In a communique to the outlet, Dunn's spokesperson said that no such events have occurred. "As was true in November, this series of stories is completely false, and no such events have occurred," the spokesperson said.

Many on social media fell prey to the fake claim. " It's Death for Biden & Fauci Handler Anita Dunn! Biden handler Anita Dunn set for execution on 14 Feb 2022. I will note that another Biden handler, Mike Donilon, is also held at GITMO for his upcoming tribunal," tweeted a user.

"Where's anita dunn ? is she done ?" wrote a user as another added, "Anita Dunn to hang by the neck until dead. execution scheduled 2/14/22."

"Charges of treason and sedition, former Biden handler Anita Dunn tried without success to paint herself as a "peripheral" player Military Tribunal," opined another user.

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