Angelina Graovac: Australian Tennis Prodigy Sells Nudes on OnlyFans to Support Her Career

Graovac, reportedly, decided to launch an OnlyFans account so that she could keep playing tennis after making a paltry $5,000 in earnings on the pro circuit this year.

Australian tennis player Angelina Graovac has reportedly opened an OnlyFans account where she has been selling explicit photos of herself in a bid to support her low-paying sports career. The 19-year-old from New South Wales is currently ranked 1,171 in the world and has a little more than $3500 in career earnings to her name.

Graovac reportedly turned to the adult website to make a few extra bucks so that she could support her career, which has been on the decline as she has managed to register fewer wins than she had expected at the beginning of her career. However, she isn't the only tennis star to pose nude on the platform.

In Dire Straits

Angelina Graovac
Angelina Graovac Instagram

According to a report in The Sun, Graovac decided to launch an OnlyFans account so that she could keep playing tennis after making a paltry $5,000 in earnings on the pro circuit this year. Graovac made her debut in 2018 but has struggled to get the kinds of wins and sponsorships that would fatten her bank account.

The ITF Tour regular has won just eight of her 36 career singles matches and has yet to earn a WTA world ranking. According to Swiss outlets Blick and Nau, the Aussie has reportedly been selling nudes for a while now. However, it is not known how much she has made till now by posting her racy photos on OnlyFans account.

More than 24 million users are said to be on the OnlyFans' subscription service, which has made a name for itself as a hotbed of adult content. The tennis pro is now trying to build on her 19,000 strong Instagram followers to influence them to become paying customers. Followers have long enjoyed the aspiring tennis star's photos.

Easy Money

Graovac already has been posting her hot photos on Instagram and is a favourite with millions on the platform. One of her photos posted on Instagram after a lousy outing in Tunisia, earned her more than 1,600 likes. She captioned the picture: "They mad @ u cause they ain't as bad as u [sic]."

Another in a towel was posted with the line: "Don't mind waking up to this view every morning."

Angelina Graovac
Angelina Graovac Instagram

Opening an OnlyFans account and posing nude might seem an easy way to make extra money but in Graovac's case the reason is different. In fact, she isn't the only Aussie tennis star to walk this path. Former world No. 17 Bernard Tomic had appeared in a number of X-rated OnlyFans clips with his girlfriend Vanessa Sierra.

Earlier this year, former Supercars driver Renee Gracie turned to OnlyFans after her motorsport career to earn a living. Interestingly, Gracie turned heads after she purchased a $350,000 Mercedes from her earnings from the site. Also, surfer Ellie-Jean Coffey has been selling adult content on her own personal website.

However, after attracting media attention for her OnlyFans page, Graovac responded to her critics with a message on her Instagram account, wherein she wrote: "There is too much negativity in the world, do your best to make sure you aren't contributing to it," she wrote.

In another message she wrote: "Be so busy improving yourself that you have no time to criticize others". The message was accompanied by photos of her posing in London.