Andy Ruiz blames 'Three months of partying' for his loss to Anthony Joshua

In trying to explain his defeat at the hands of Anthony Joshua, Andy Ruiz candidly accepted his mistake in not preparing better.

Andy Ruiz Jr
Andy Ruiz Jr during post-match press conference Twitter

Just over six months after winning the combined World Heavyweight titles from Anthony Joshua, Andy Ruiz Jr relinquished them to the British boxer thanks to his clear-cut loss in the 'Clash on the Dunes.' It was a disappointing performance from the 30-year old Mexican as he became completely outfoxed by the strategy of Joshua to deliver the punches and get away from Ruiz through his quick feet.

However, the first Mexican to hold the World Heavyweight title thought that the cause of the defeat goes well before the match started. He thought his defeat was a culmination of improper lifestyle.

"Three months of partying and celebrating affected me, what can I say? Being overweight, I wasn't fluid enough, I wasn't moving the way I wanted to move. I think if I'm lighter I'm going to let my hands go and be a completely different fighter," Ruiz told mediapersons in a post-match press conference.

Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Jr
Joshua defeated Ruiz convincingly Twitter

He also lamented not listening to his family and coach's advice.

"I'm OK, I'm just a little disappointed. I should have listened to them (his father and coach). I tried to do the training on my own. I should have listened to them more. There's no excuses...the partying and all that stuff got the best of me. For being out of shape I did pretty good. I took all his shots. I got him a few times. If we'd have gone toe to toe. For the trilogy I know I'm going to be a lot better."

The issue of weight was discussed before the original fight between the two as well. But Ruiz's victory at Madison Square Garden suggested that his weight doesn't have an adverse effect on his boxing. However, in the rematch, it did have a bearing as the Mexican boxer seemed exhausted towards the end of the bout and didn't have the energy to launch an all-out attack.

Only time will tell whether there would be a third fight. But if it happens, Ruiz will have to do a lot better to regain the faith of boxing fans.