Android Oreo: List of final Android 8.0 features arriving on Monday

Check out all the coolest new features and tweaks for Android O.

The official Android O release is finally happening on Monday in time of the total solar eclipse in the US. Touted to be the Android 8.0 Oreo, the upcoming Android software upgrade is expected to bring in sweet treats for everyone.

If you can't wait to see what's coming up for Android O next week, IBTimes Singapore has rounded up some of the coolest and most exciting new features and tweaks that have been confirmed in the final developer preview to come along with the update.

Notification dots

Notification dots is not a newcomer. Like its early builds, it gives you a peek of your notifications right on your Home screen and how many of them that you need to attend to.

Optimised battery use

Android O brings another way to optimise battery consumption. With the aid of battery saver Doze, this improvement de-prioritises activities of apps running in the background.

Picture in Picture mode

Shortly called PIP, this mode allows you to stack two or more apps on top of the others. It is designed to make multitasking more convenient than using the split-window mode.

Animated app icons

Android O becomes livelier at the interface level. Animated app icons move according to your interaction.

Better audio quality

Android developers prove that audio quality is not just a hardware concern. With Android O, the developers want to boost audio quality through native support for Sony's high-resolution Bluetooth audio codec LDAC. This support will greatly help wireless headphones to produce solid audio experience.

Faster boot time

Waiting for your phone to power on may sometimes be annoying due to sluggish boot times. Android O has a new way to help improve your device to load up as fast as possible. Additionally, the response rate of apps when launched will also be improved.


Toast notifications allow you to take immediate action to messages, texts, etc. right within the notification panel.

New emojis

Emojis are no longer in gumdrop style as they are rounded-face in Android O. A new bunch of emojis are also coming like expressions star-struck and throwing up, mythical creatures fairy and mermaid and others.

With the Android O launch next week, fans can expect to get more improvements from it. But based on the list, which ones are your favourite so far? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!