Android O root access coming soon

Chainfire's rooting tool for Android O seems imminent after the developer acknowledges access to basic root via Twitter.

Android O Developer Preview 1
Android O root access coming soon

Close on the heels of Android O Developer Preview release by Google, there has been news of achieving root on Android O from renowned root developer Chainfire.

The developer of SuperSU fame has recently tweeted about accomplishing basic root on Android O Preview 1. The tweet also mentions that there are several issues that need to be resolved, before the final release can be rolled out to the public.

With Chainfire looking set to unveil the first rooting tool for the latest iteration of Android, we can rest assured that an Android O root package will be just around the corner.

There is no denying the possibility that Google might inadvertently break the root functionality in its subsequent iterations of Android O while trying to patch up security loopholes with system wide changes. If the past is any indication, we are unlikely to witness a scenario wherein Android O is absolutely immune to root exploits.

[Source: Chainfire via Twitter]