Android 7.1.1
Android 7.1.1 factory images and OTA updates hit Pixel and Nexus devices: Download now

Avid Google Pixel and Nexus fans are in for some great news as the Android 7.1.1 factory images and over-the-air (OTA) updates are now live for a bunch of devices including Google Pixel and Pixel XL, Pixel C, Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus 9 (WiFi and LTE) and Nexus Player.

Some of the noteworthy features ported into the new Nougat update include lift-to-check and double-tap to check gestures, which are now available on both Pixel and Pixel XL handsets.

Here's the complete list of devices eligible for the Android 7.1.1 upgrade along with their respective build numbers:

  • Pixel / Pixel XL: NMF26O
  • Pixel C: NMF26H
  • Nexus 6P: NMF26F (all carriers except Verizon)
  • Nexus 5X: NMF26F
  • Nexus 9 / 9 LTE: NMF26F
  • Nexus Player: NMF26J

Meanwhile, Nexus 6 has been updated to the older Android 7.0-based builds, NBD91S and NBD91U, which feature just the latest security patch along with updated driver binaries. These builds do not include any feature upgrades like the ones for select Android 7.1.1 devices.

Prospective Android 7.1.1 users should note that the factory images and OTA updates are newer than the recently released developer preview 2 builds for a few of these devices. Consequently, any attempt to sideload these older builds of Android 7.1.1 on the latest developer preview will fail.

In other words, Google is expected to rollout a separate OTA update specifically for the devices in the beta program, so that they will be fully compatible with the latest developer preview build of Android 7.1.1.

It is further reported that the Nexus 6 users will have to wait a bit longer to receive their device-specific Android 7.1.1 update as promised earlier by Google.

Download links for factory images

Google Pixel aka Sailfish (build NMF260)

Pixel XL aka Marlin (build NMF260)

Pixel C aka Ryu (build NMF26H)

Nexus 6P aka Angler (build NMF26F)

Nexus 5X aka Bullhead (build NMF26F)

Nexus Player aka fugu (build NMF26J)

Nexus 9 LTE aka Volantisg (build NMF26F)

Nexus 9 WiFi aka Volantis (build NMF26F)

Full OTA images for Nexus and Pixel devices

Google Pixel aka Sailfish

Pixel XL aka Marlin

Pixel C aka Ryu

Nexus 6P aka Angler (all carriers except Verizon)

Nexus 5X aka Bullhead

Nexus 9 LTE aka Volantisg

Nexus 9 WiFi aka Volantis

Nexus Player aka Fugu

For detailed instructions on flashing the factory images and OTA updates on your Nexus or Pixel device, check out the tutorials posted on the Android developer portal here and here.