Andre Cavalcanti: Bodybuilding Champion Dies Aged 36 in Horror Motorcycle Crash after Head-On Collison in Brazil

His Instagram account features photos dating back to June 2019, capturing his participation in bodybuilding competitions.

Champion bodybuilder Andre Cavalcanti tragically died in a motorcycle accident in Brazil on July 5 at the age of 34. Cavalcanti was riding his motorcycle when an underage driver collided with him head-on, causing the bodybuilder to be thrown from his vehicle. According to TMZ, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Local police chief Vitor Dutra stated that the accident occurred when the teenager was overtaking another vehicle and collided head-on with the motorcycle carrying the bodybuilder. It is understood that Cavalcanti died at the scene. The teenager's parents were unaware that their son had taken their vehicle for a joyride with two other minors, aged 15 and 17.

Shocking Death of a Star

Andre Cavalcanti
Andre Cavalcanti X

The Parana, Brazil chapter of the International Fitness and Bodybuilding Federation announced his passing on Instagram. "It is with great sadness that we announce that our athlete PRO SUPPORT @atletaandrecavalcanti passed away this morning in a motorcycle accident," the federation said on Instagram.

"If only a life so young, full of plans. We ask God to comfort his family with the news of this tragedy. Andre was a great athlete, friend, partner and he will always be remembered as the honest and dedicated person that he was," IFBB Parana's statement continued.

"We had a great loss here on earth, but heaven's gain a gift. Confident in eternity and the mercy of God, let us pray for him our Father," the statement ended.

According to reports, the teen was taken to the hospital to receive treatment for unspecified injuries following the tragic crash.

Police said that the 17-year-old could potentially be treated as an adult and face charges similar to homicide.

Tributes Pour In from All Corners

Andre Cavalcanti
Andre Cavalcanti X

Cavalcanti's latest Instagram post shows him in the gym, performing heavy leg presses. His Instagram account features photos dating back to June 2019, capturing his participation in bodybuilding competitions.

According to TMZ, the vehicle involved in the collision with Cavalcanti was a Volkswagen Virtus.

Tributes to Cavalcanti, including messages from fellow competitor Rogerio Kokodinak, have poured in on the IFBB's post. "How many times we share the stage, always together in competitions, we will miss you brother. Great friend, athlete hard to believe," Kokodinak said.

Recently, Portuguese bodybuilder Marco Luis died aged 46 in Germany. Known as "Monster," Luis had a huge social media following and worked as an online coach and motivator.

In another incident, a bodybuilding champion died after consuming a dangerous combination of substances, including steroids, according to an inquest.

Neil Currey, 34, was found unconscious in his Sheffield home in September last year.

The inquest determined that the professional bodybuilder's death was caused by a mixture of methamphetamine and cocaine.