Amos Yee glorifies pedophiles in latest Youtube video

Controversial Singaporean blogger Amos Yee has sensationally claimed that pedophilic activities are alright with mutual consent

Blogger Amos Yee arrested again
Amos Yee Reuters

Amos Yee, the controversial Singaporean blogger has sensationally claimed that pedophilic activities are alright if mutual consent is there between the partners. The 18-year-old blogger made these shocking remarks on a video uploaded on YouTube a couple of days back.

According to Amos Yee, sexual abuse is a term which should not be determined by the age factor, instead, it should be based on consent before any sexual act.

As per Amos Yee, it is a total misconception that kids below the age of 12 cannot enjoy sexual activities.

"Imagine, if a 42-year-old man comes out and says that he indulged in consensual sexual activities at the age of 10 with a 30-year-old person. The 10-year-old kid was not traumatized afterward, and the relationship was perfectly fine and consensual. and both of them enjoyed to the fullest. Now, do you think that relationship which was perfectly harmless should be considered child rape", asks Amos Yee.

He also made it clear that pedophiles are harmless, as they have a non-violent sexual attraction towards children and should not be discriminated.

The video of Amos Yee has not gone down well with many. Several users have lashed out at the blogger saying that he is glorifying child abuse and rape.

One YouTube user named Patty Politics turned the tables against Amos Yee calling him a real pedophile. "I'm convinced that you're doing this because you yourself have pedophilic feelings and you may actually be a danger to children's autonomy and safety from you. You are well known for not being able to just shut up and to keep some things to yourself. This is one of them. I hate few things, pedophiles are one of them and you're on my watch list," commented Patty Politics.

Earlier Facebook has banned Amos Yee for violating their terms and conditions. Now, it seems that YouTube is not far from imposing a ban on Amos in the near future after this controversial video.