American Parents Seriously Considering Homeschooling for Kids, Study Finds

Teachers in the United States have also started protesting against quick re-opening of schools amid coronavirus crisis

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Based on one new and three recent studies, the authors of a commentary in Pediatrics conclude that children rarely transmit Covid-19, either among themselves or to adults. Based on the evidence, the authors recommend that schools reopen in the fall, since staying home can adversely affect children's development / / CC BY-SA / CC BY-SA

A new survey commissioned by Crispy Green and conducted by OnePoll has found that 4 in 5 American parents are considering homeschooling for kids, due to the coronavirus outbreak. According to these parents, sending children to schools is still a question for parents, as autumn nears, and the coronavirus outbreak wears on.

The poll results clearly indicate that people in the United States are getting adjusted to the so-called 'new normal', where citizens have adopted themselves to lead their lives in the interiors of the home.

Parents Concerned About Children's Health

Most of the participants who took part in the poll revealed that the biggest driving force that compels parents to adopt homeschooling is the fear of getting contracted with the virus. And 82 percent of the participants revealed that they are scared to send their children to a school than ever before due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Parents are also worried about the hygiene which children will follow while being on school premises. Nearly 60 percent of the parents believe that children will not wash their hands properly while being in schools. Most of the parents who took part in the survey also revealed that they are trying to teach their kids about proper hygiene that should be followed to combat the spread of coronavirus.

Digital Revolution Helps Students

Even though the coronavirus is creating chaos in the United States, experts believe that the digital revolution is helping students to engage in studies effectively as 71 percent of the parents admitted that they would not have handled the pandemic effectively like modern-day kids if they had faced the same during their childhood.

"If this happened 25 years ago, there would be substantially fewer options to successfully manage these challenges," said a representative of Crispy Green.

The representative also added that today's tech-savvy society is better equipped to deal with such a disruption to deal with the crisis currently faced in in-person learning.

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