American Bully XL Kills Owner; Dog 'Bigger Than Lion' Turned Mad in Extreme Heat

A South Yorkshire woman was killed after being bitten by an American Bully XL. Joanne Robinson was attacked by the pet on Friday on Masefield Road in West Melton, Rotherham. Later the woman was taken to a hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Her pet dog also almost injured her partner seriously and currently he is recovering in the hospital.

Joanne Robinson was killed by her dog
Joanne Robinson was killed by her dog Twitter

Joanne Was Pinned Down By The Jaws Of The Pet

She is understood to have been pinned down by the jaws of the pet, named Rocco, after coming home from a night out. Her partner, Jamie Stead, 42, suffered devastating injuries to his face, hands and chest as he tried to pull the animal away from her and is still recovering in hospital, according to Daily Mirror.

Stead, who suffered hand, abdomen and face injuries, has undergone skin grafting due to life-threatening injuries.

The police in Rotherham took the dog away and released the picture of the animal.

Rocco Turned Mad in Extreme Heat

It's being claimed that the dog had become mad in the extreme heatwave.

Dotty Robinson, Joanne's mother, was in shock and total disbelief. Urging the dog owners to be extra vigilant, Dotty said that be careful about pets in the current heatwave.

Rocco Is Bigger Than Lion

She also advised pet owners to keep their dogs cool and inside and provide them enough water as heat affects them.

Underlining the dog is not from a banned breed and was a good dog, Dotty stated that the dog was not dangerous but doesn't know what happened suddenly to the dog.

She also believes that the dog could have turned mad in the extreme heat, which must have set him off. "I can only think they turned mad in the extreme heat. It must have set them off. It must have been the heat. There's a saying about mad dogs going out in the midday sun," she said, according to Daily Mirror.

Dotty's granddaughter has stated that Rocco's a big dog as he's bigger than a lion. He's like a small horse.