Unseen Body Cam Footage Shows Uvalde Cops Vomitng, Shaking and Crying After Watching Dead Bodies Post Robb Elementary School Shooting

Nearly a year after the deadly massacre at the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, the body cam footage from cops shows officers vomiting, shaking and holding each other after seeing the bodies of the victims.

Uvalde School Shooting

Body Cam Footage Gets Parent's Approval Before Release

The attack, carried out by an 18-year-old, left 19 including two teachers dead. The attacker Salvador Ramos had purchased two assault rifles shortly after his 18th birthday. The same weapon was used in the massacre which came barely days after Buffalo, NY shooting.

In the new footage shared by CNN as part of their special on Sunday Shimon Prokupecz carries accounts of parents and unseen body cam footage from the police.

Earlier, following the attack the police had received a lot of backlash for simply standing outside the school doing nothing as the shooting progressed inside the premises. The clips shows body cam footage showing officers vomiting outside the school after the attack was over. Some officers were also seen crying uncontrollably as their partners held them. One clip also shows a cop shaking as he tries to clean the blood from his hands.

Cops Failed to Take Timely Action

Raw Story reported that the previously unseen footage was approved by the parents of the victims to be showcased on public platform. In the show, the host said that the families hope that showing the footage in the special will help create more motivation to do something more to help stop the mass shootings, as per the outlet.

The photographs which were taken at the scene and shared on social media had revealed that the Uvalde Police had adequate protective gear including rifles and a ballistic shield which were enough to stop the killer. This had not been disclosed previously and the revelation has left the people shocked, leaving a lot for the Uvalde police department to answer.

It took cops nearly 58 minutes to respond to the shooting leading to many dubbing the cops as "cowards" with no sense of duty, no courage and no honour, besides demanding a strict action against the erring cops. People were even demanding that the cops who were on present at the massacre site should have been charged with dereliction of duty.