Aliens Dressed as Blonde Women Kidnap Humans For Sex: Shocking Claim by New Book

Aliens have been indulging in close encounters of a sexual kind by kidnapping many humans from Earth for sex in the last 20 years, reveals a new book.

The book 'UFOs in the Late Twentieth Century' written by Jerome Clark, an American author specializing in unidentified flying objects and other paranormal activities, says a total of 212 people had been abducted by aliens since 2014 and were made to have sex with aliens.

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Clark revealed in his book that he sat down with Peter Khoury, head of Media for an Australian news company, and doted down his strange experience with the extra-terrestrial beings.

He writes in his book that Khoury saw two blonde naked women suddenly appear next to his bed while he was asleep and were kneeling towards him asking for sex.

The book further goes on to disclose steamy encounters- such as the woman pulled Khoury's head towards her breast thrice and he bit her nipple among others. "He was shocked to see two strange women kneeling on his bed. Both were naked. One appeared Nordic and the other Asian," writes Clark on Khoury's experience.

aliens and humans

However, even before getting into having an intercourse, the women suddenly disappeared leaving their blonde hair, which Khoury says is evidence they really exist and believe in his alien tale. The book claims the hair to be a hybrid of Asian and Gaelic advanced DNA.

Another woman from Indianapolis, who sat down with Clark, says aliens impregnated her while she was on a holiday in a cruise ship and returned a few month later for the fetus. Clark wrote in his book that they returned a few months later again and introduced her to her half-human and half-alien daughter.

The writer added that the aliens mostly appear naked to most people and seduce them into having sex with them. However, Clark wrote that only in a few instances the aliens have worn outfits to cover their bodies. "Their usual dress is a coverall or one-piece jumpsuit, often skintight, perhaps even so snug that the beings appear (or are) nude," the writer added.

Clark has written experiences of several other people in his book and the 74-year-old UFO enthusiast was called on ABC News' 'Special Report, Unsolved Mysteries, Sightings' and discussed UFO's and other unusual oddities.