WHO Covid-19 Investigator Peter Daszak Has Close Ties to the Chinese Communist Party - Report

Serving under the leadership of the World Health Organization, Covid-19 Investigator Peter Daszak is revealed to have close links with China.

Daszak held many conferences sponsored by the Chinese Communist Party and was also backed by several other Chinese entities.

The news of the CCP-backed conference comes right after the National Pulse reported it by highlighting Daszak's involvement with many other Chinese government-sponsored conferences and his promotions and retweets of Chinese state-run media outlets on his social media handles.

Daszak is also the president of the EcoHealth Alliance, which is a nonprofit non-governmental organization that supports global health and pandemic prevention.

Peter Daszak
Peter Daszak EcoHealth Alliance

Daszak's 'Sustaining Ecosystems, Supporting Health' event was held in October 2012, in the Chinese city of Kunming, which is around 2 hours flight from the Covid-19 hotspot Wuhan.

He had also previously served as Editor-in-Chief of EcoHealth, which is a publication associated with the Chinese conference's sponsor. The journal's website is now taken down.

However, the archived version of the website reveals Daszak had chaired two sessions of the conference and the topic of discussion was about detecting early pandemics and the conference was titled, 'USAID-Predict: Developing a global early warning system for emerging pandemics' and the other named 'OneHealth, and Emerging, Re-emerging and Resurging Infectious Diseases.'

Peter Daszak
Twitter / Peter Daszak

It is reported that he also gave an in-depth presentation at the conference on ''mapping global vulnerability to pandemics and an economic approach to their prevention," revealed The National Pulse.

The conference was attended by several academics from Chinese state-run universities and think-tanks that also included a former Deputy Director-General of China's Centre for Disease Control and Prevention.

One among the conference organizers was the Kunming Institute of Botany (KIB) which edits scientific encyclopedias after research to better the "construction of socialist culture with Chinese characteristics," and operates "under the direct leadership of Communist Party of China."

Several researchers from the KIB have included honors such as "Excellent Communist Party Member" on their resumes and the Chinese state-run Kunming Medical University scientific journals have included articles such as "How to cultivate socialist core values in University Freshmen" along with "Serving the people is the fundamental purpose of the Communist Party and the pursuit of value."