Is it UFO? Mysterious green object spotted flying over UK sky

A screen grab from YouTube video

While the entire world was preparing to welcome the new year, residents of Yorkshire, UK, spotted a huge circular-shaped object traveling at rapid speed in the sky. According to reports, a number of revelers witnessed the mysterious bright green object on New Year's Eve.

The video of the rare phenomenon was posted online and it left the Brits in a state of shock. Many people have commented on the video describing the site.

"Absolutely amazing color, knew it wasn't a firework, too big," Sue Hymond commented. "What an experience, sight for sore eyes on New Year's Eve."

On Twitter, a user named Lin Mathers wrote: "Bright blue/green light sped across the sky, over the castle towards Denaby Crags." He added: "So low in the sky, genuinely thought it was coming to land. Stunning sight! breathtaking."

Visit Doncaster posted: "Wow! Sensational celestial sights spotted over Doncaster. An amazing green meteor soared over the racecourse just now."

Meanwhile, there have been several theories over the unidentified flying object (UFO). Some people thought it to be a meteor, while some described it as an alien or a lost fighter jet.

However, the International Meteor organization has confirmed that it was a very bright meteor that split into two parts before it disappeared from the sky.

This article was first published on January 1, 2018