Alien discovery near? China's extraterrestrial hunting telescope nearing completion

A chief NASA scientist had previously predicted that humans will discover aliens on Mars within 2021

Space agencies like NASA have been searching for aliens living in deep space for many years. Even though conspiracy theorists are pretty sure about the existence of aliens visiting the earth, space agencies have not succeeded in discovering concrete evidence that substantiates their presence. In this quest to discover extraterrestrial life, China has also joined the party and their alien-hunting telescope is nearing completion of its commissioning and testing phase.

Will China discover alien life?

China alien hunting telescope
Alien hunting telescope developed by China YouTube: CCTV Video News Agency

This giant alien-hunting telescope is located in the Guizhou province. The telescope is being named Five Hundred Meter Aperture Telescope (FAST), and it apparently began its trial operations in November 2016. As per reports, this giant telescope has detected and identified 99 rapidly spinning neutron stars known as pulsars, and out of them, 30 are fast-rotating millisecond pulsars.

"In the process of observing signals from celestial bodies, we also collect signals that might be emitted by humans or extraterrestrial intelligence. However, this is a huge amount of work, since most signals we see, 99% of them are various noises, so we need to take our time to identify the signals we want in the noises," said Zhu Ming, director of the scientific observation and data division at the FAST operations and development center in a CCTV video.

Alien debate in full swing

A few weeks back, predictions made by Dr Jim Green, a NASA chief scientist had gone viral on the internet. Jim Green predicted that alien life will be discovered on Mars within 2021 either by NASA or ESA. Green also added that humans are not prepared enough to accept the realities surrounding extraterrestrial existence.

However, Elon Musk, the founder of private space company SpaceX believes that there are no aliens in the universe, and he argues that humans are the only conscious beings in the cosmos. As per Musk, humans should use this consciousness to emerge as a multi-planetary species in the future.

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