Alien abduction? Missing skier surfaces 3000 miles away, in same outfit but clueless what happened for 6 days

A skier disappeared for six days from New York to appear 3,000 miles away in California but not losing his outfit or feeling any lapse of time. Pixabay

Constantinos Danny Filippidis, a 49-year-old man from Toronto was skiing at the Whiteface Mountain, near New York before he went missing mysteriously on last Wednesday. His friends searched for Filippidis everywhere in the mountain range, but could not find him.

A search operation was soon initiated with hundreds of volunteers, helicopters and rescue dogs, but they failed to locate the missing person. However, his belongings including the identification documents were recovered from his lodge intact.

Surprisingly, after six days, the missing man appeared in California, nearly 3,000 miles away from Whiteface Mountain in a very disoriented state. He was totally clueless about how he reached there and adding up the mystery quotient, he was still wearing the skiing clothes complete with helmet and goggles.

Filippidis does not have a history of mental illness and substance abuse.

As the mysterious case of Filippidis went viral on the Internet, conspiracy theorists started claiming that he might have been abducted by aliens from the Whiteface Mountain. Conspiracy theory channel 'Secureteam10' posted a video explaining this theory, and they even connected this mysterious disappearance with the case of Travis Walton, one of the most famous alleged alien abduction victim. It was in 1975 that Travis Walton disappeared for five days from Arizona after a UFO sighting.

"Dan now says he remembers being in the back of a truck & being dropped off in Sacramento, likely sometime after he got there. He still doesn't know how he got to California to begin with, and stated that he doesn't believe he was criminally abducted... At this point, however, we don't know if this is just a story being put out by the authorities. The strangeness continues," says the conspiracy theory channel.

The conspiracy theory channel also suggested that Filippidis might have teleported from New York to California. The video has many viewers of 'Secureteam10' saying they are puzzled with the incident.

"This is insane. This man is in New York, on a mountain, and just vanishes into thin air, all the way across the US into Cali? How is that possible? Well, teleportation makes sense. It reminds me of the missing 411 cases. Those people just vanish into thin air and end up miles away, on top of high cliffs even, some of those people are kids! Kids can't get up a cliff by themselves. It's bazarre. Seems like there are portals around our world that we can't see.... and that freaks me the hell out," commented a YouTube user named Devore.

Another YouTube user 'Midnight Habit' sarcastically requested aliens to put humans back in the same place from where they got abducted.

The phenomenon has some traces of the Bermuda Triangle where flights went missing mysteriously except one that made it to the destination intact with full tank but flying hundreds of miles in an instant without any loss of time.

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