Alex Harvill: Horrifying Video Captures Moment Motorcycle Stuntman Dies While Attempting World Record 351ft Jump

. The horrifying moment of Harvill's motorcycle spinning in air and then crashing on to the ground and killing him was captured on video.

Daredevil motorcycle stuntman Alex Harvill died on Thursday during the warm-up for a world record-breaking jump in Washington state on Thursday. The horrifying moment of Harvill's motorcycle spinning in air and then crashing on to the ground and killing him was captured on video.

Harvill was at the Moses Lake Airshow in Washington and was practicing a stunt, which was being recorded by his fans and spectators ahead of the world record attempt, when the freak accident happened. His bike was several feet up in the air from where it lost control and crashed into a dirt mound, as spectators screamed for help.

Killed Tragically

Alex Harvill
The fatal jump by Alex Harvill that was captured on camera Twitter

Harvill, 28, was thrown over his handlebars and tumbled dozens of feet before he finally came to a stop. The daredevil biker from Ephrata was attempting a 351-foot jump for the Guinness World Record at the Moses Lake Airshow at the Grant County International Airport, KREM reported.

However, iFIBER One reported that the fatal practice jump was his first of the morning and was not 315 feet but a 150-foot jump. The horrifying video shows Harvill riding his bike through a field before launching off a ramp. Moments after he made the jump, Harvill came up short of his destination and crashed into a dirt mound.

According to KIMA-TV witnesses saw Harvill's helmet flying off of his head after the crash. The video then shows Harvill being tossed forward from the bike, as spectators watch the entire event in shock. Spectators watching the stunt could also be heard groaning as the video comes to an end.

Harvill later died from the serious injuries he suffered during the horrifying accident, according to Grant County Sheriff's Office. He was transported to Samaritan Hospital in Moses Lake after first responders tried to treat him at the scene.

The Sheriff's office added Harvill's family has been notified and an autopsy will be conducted on Friday to determine the cause of his death. "Our deepest sympathies go out to Alex's family, friends and loved ones," the Sheriff's office said.

Spectators Shocked

Alex Harvill
Alex Harvill Facebook

After the crash, the airshow where the jump was taking place vowed on Facebook to donate proceeds from the jump towards medical expenses for Harvill. However, that didn't happen as Harvill died moments later after being taken to the hospital.

Minutes before the crash, Harvill gave a short interview to KREM and he was excited and upbeat about his 351-feet jump. He told the outlet: "I can't believe what the airshow is doing. They have organized so many people and businesses to support me!"

Harvill was listed as one of the featured events in the airshow at the Grant County International Airport, set to run from Thursday to Saturday. In fact, he was one of the attractions at this year's show. On May 12, 2012, he set a world record at Toes Motocross Park in Royal City, Washington, for ramp-to-dirt distance jump, which was a 425 feet jump.

Alex Harvill
Alex Harvill with his wife and son GoFundMe

A year later, he went for the world record and jumped from one dirt ramp to another 297 feet away. A month before his fatal world record attempt, Harvill posted about his goal on his website. "I will be attempting another world record jump at this years airshow here in Moses Lake Washington. This time it will be Guinness World Records official for the 'Ramp to Dirt' Motorcycle Distance Jump attempt," Harvill posted.

Unfortunately, that never happened. In 2017, Harvill suffered an injury after taking a jump too fast, resulting in a hard landing that sent him flying over the handlebars, shattering a heel. However, this time it became his last ride.