Alec Iurato: Chilling Bodycam Captures Moment Wounded Connecticut Cop Shoots Dead Man Who Had Just Killed 2 Other Cops With 80 Shots [WATCH]

After somehow managing to take cover behind a police car, Iurato eventually spotted a gap and shot dead Brutcher with a single gunshot.

Chilling bodycam footage captures the dramatic moment a Connecticut cop shoots dead a man who fatally gunned down two other officers after luring them to his home by making a fake 911 call. Police released the bodycam footage of Alec Iurato, 26, one of the three cops who responded to Nicholas Brutcher's Bristol house last Wednesday.

Brutcher reportedly opened fire on the three cops once they reached his home after receiving the call. He allegedly unloaded more than 80 rounds at the three officers. Dustin DeMonte, 35, and Alex Hamzy, 34, were both killed in the shootout, while a critically wounded Iurato managed to shoot dead Brutcher in the end.

Spine-Chilling Moment

The dramatic video footage shows Iurato, who has already been wounded by Brutcher, limping around the side of the attacker's Redstone Hill home while radioing for help. The video also captures the sound of gunshots flying and a woman screaming hysterically in the background.

"Shots fired, shots fired," Iurato is heard telling the dispatcher. "More cars. Send everyone.

"Officer shot, officer shot," he says, grunting in pain on the video as he radios for help.

"Oh f–k, oh f–k," he says, panting.

Alec Iurato
Alec Iurato seen limping and taking cover behind a police car before shooting dead Brutcher Twitter

The officer could be seen crouching behind a tree and frantically calling for backup in the video footage. Despite getting shot in the leg, Iurato was able to run for cover. He started to limp to his car for better cover after hearing another gunshot, at which point a thunderous burst of about thirty gunshots broke out.

After somehow managing to take cover behind a police car, Iurato eventually spotted a gap and shot dead Brutcher with a single gunshot.

Alec Iurato
Alec Iurato Twitter

As the video continues, someone could be heard shouting aloud, "He's down," as Iurato put a light on the location where Brutcher collapsed. He then shouts, "One down," over his radio as someone can be heard wailing, "No! Oh god!"

Someone could be heard shouting aloud, "He's down," as Iurato put a light on the area where Brutcher collapsed. He then yelled, "One down," over his radio as someone screamed, "No! Out loud, "Oh god!"

Fierce Exchange of Gunfire

Dustin Demonte and Alex Hamzy
Dustin Demonte and Alex Hamzy were shot dead by Brutcher after he lured them to his home with a fake 911 call Twitter

According to the footage released on Sunday by the Connecticut Office of Inspector General, Bristol Police Sgt. Dustin Demonte and Officer Alex Hamzy already lay dead or dying after Brutcher ambushed them from behind.

What prompted Brutcher to commit the attack still remains a mystery.

Alec Iurato
Bodycam captures moment Alec Iurato shoots dead Brutcher Twitter

Investigators believe that Brutcher made a fake 911 call to lure the three police officers to his home. The officers were talking to Brutcher's brother, Nathaniel, at a side door when the killer approached from behind and started shooting with an AR-15 style assault rifle.

According to investigators, Brutcher suffered spinal cord injuries and died from a gunshot wound to the neck. His brother Nathaniel was also wounded during the shooting.

Nicholas Brutcher
Nicholas Brutcher fired 80 rounds from behind killing two cops and seriously injuring another Twitter

The inspector general stated that the available evidence supported the shooting of Iurato.

Danny Rodriguez, one of the witnesses, reported hearing 30 rounds in all, in three groups of gunshots. He claims to have overheard a different woman screaming, "You killed them!" during the shooting.

"I heard a whole war going on behind me," Rodriguez said, according to KOCO.

Rodriguez, according to the New York Times, saw a man carrying a gun leave the Brutcher residence while wearing camouflage. The camouflaged man was pursued by another man, who made an effort to hold him down before shooting him.

State troopers and investigators are still gathering evidence, according to Connecticut State Police Sgt. Christine Jeltema, and the "very complex" investigation is still underway. During a press conference, she said that it was an "isolated incident" with "no threat to the community."

The murders, according to Bristol Police Chief Brian Gould, were the result of "senseless violence," which has caused the department "sadness and grief."